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What You Should Know About COVID-19 Relief Efforts Around Erie

As the country begins to reopen and navigate a new normal, many local charities are stepping up to help residents impacted by current events. If you want to get involved, we have a list of Erie’s top COVID-19 relief efforts that could use your support.

Charities and Organizations Offering COVID-19 Relief Around Erie

The current global health crisis has affected Erie in so many ways—physically, economically, emotionally. However, it’s still possible to give back to your local community and help those in need. Looking for recommendations? Here are just a few of our favorite charities and organizations.

United Way of Erie

COVID-19 relief volunteers

Established in 1887, this well-known charity works to fight homelessness and poverty in local communities around the globe. Currently, the Erie County branch is running low on volunteers—however, financial donations are also accepted.

Interested volunteers can fill out a form through the PA 211 Helpline or donate on United Way’s website.

St. Paul’s Free Clinic

Nurse helping a patient

St. Paul’s Free Clinic provides free health and dental care to Erie residents—and now more than ever, they’re in need of support. Although St. Paul’s isn’t providing care to COVID-19 patients, they’re still offering free services and resources to those in need of assistance.

Are you a physician, registered nurse, dentist, hygienist, or oral specialist? If so, you can also give back by volunteering at the clinic.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels COVID-19 relief

It’s been a difficult time for Erie’s senior population—and many of them haven’t been able to leave their homes. Thankfully, Meals on Wheels has stepped in to deliver nutritious meals to those that need them the most.

Food insecurity is on the rise, but your donations can help Meals on Wheels accommodate increased demand. You can even volunteer as a grocery shopper or delivery driver!


COVID-19 cloth face masks

Mask-Erie is a newly minted group of locals with one goal in mind: to provide a free face mask to every front line worker. Since the group’s inception two months ago, they’ve created thousands of homemade masks and partnered with other organizations throughout our community to support COVID-19 relief.

You can join Mask-Erie’s Facebook group to learn more about sewing and donating masks. Don’t know how to sew? You can still help by providing fabric or other essential resources to volunteers.

Want to Give Back?

If you’re interested in supporting COVID-19 relief efforts around Erie, we would love to offer a few more recommendations. Just reach out to Marsh Marsh Real Estate Services to learn more about giving back to our community.

Curious about how the current global health crisis has impacted your real estate goals? Give us a call to learn more about buying or selling your home during these difficult times.

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