Holiday Real Estate Part 1: Why Buy a Home During the Holidays?

Considering buying a home in Erie, PA but not sure if you should wait until after the holidays have passed to start your search? Stop thinking and start doing! There are many reasons the holiday season is actually a good time to buy a home. Here are some advantages to househunting in December.

9 Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays in Erie

1. There’s Less Competition.

less competition when buying a home during the holidaysYou’re not alone in wondering whether the time is right—many buyers opt to wait until after the holidays (or even the inclement weather of winter) have passed before starting their search. What does that mean for you? It means less pressure to make an offer before another buyer beats you to it, and less chance of being outbid.

2. Sellers are Motivated.

sellers are motivated to sell their home during the holidaysThose who are selling homes during the holiday season are usually pretty eager to make a deal and close. Many holiday sellers list their home for compelling reasons, such as relocating for work, and are pressed to keep to a strict timeline or are anxious about the lack of buyers on the market. For you, this may mean sellers are more willing to be flexible in negotiations.

3. Prices are Lower.

prices are lower when buying a home during the holidaysBecause sellers are motivated and there’s less competition, you may find that the price tags on the homes listed have dropped a bit since the busier summer and fall seasons. Definitely good news for your wallet!

4. Interest Rates are Still Low.

interest rates are also low when buying a home during the holidaysYou may have heard that interest rates are on the rise. By next year, they’ll start to climb steadily, so if you want to lock in a good rate, now is the time. More good news for your wallet.

5. You Get Tax Breaks.

you get money back on taxes when buying a home during the holidaysBuy now and reap the rewards in just a few short months when you file your taxes. Home owners are eligible to deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, and even many closing fees.

6. You See Homes at Their Worst.

see homes in the snow when buying a home during the holidaysWait… what? Don’t you want to see them when they look their best? Well, yes. But winter home shopping really gives you the chance to take a home for a “test drive” and root out any potential problems before you sign any paperwork. Spot the drafty windows, cold bedrooms, or iffy heating systems before they become your problem.

7. Closings are Faster.

closings are faster when buying a home during the holidaysNot only are lenders eager to make quotas by the end of the year, they’ve also got a lot more time on their hands with fewer clients passing through. That means much faster paperwork processing for you, as well as more personalized attention from other service providers, such as inspectors, movers, and other vendors.

8. Your Agent Has More Time.

your agent has more time when buying a home during the holidaysNot that agents don’t always make time for their clients, but it can be tricky to get a lot of 1-on-1 attention from agents during the height of the busy real estate season. During the winter, however, agents find themselves with a lot more time to devote to helping specific clients meet their most finite needs.

9. Homes are Decked in Holiday Cheer!

festive holiday cheer when buying a home during the holidaysWe saved the best for last—because who doesn’t love seeing a home all done up in lights, holly, and pine needles? Time to get out and experience some holiday cheer.

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