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Archives: February 2016

Are You Taking Advantage of These Homeowner Tax Breaks?

There are many benefits to owning a home: A home is an investment that can earn equity, is often cheaper to buy than to rent, and is your own place that you can fill with wonderful memories. But another great benefit about owning a home is the financial benefits that you can take advantage of during tax season. Major Tax Breaks for Homeowners […]

Marsha Marsh Named 2016 Chair of the Erie Regional Chamber And Growth Partnership

Marsha Marsh, owner of Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services, was recently named chairperson of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership (ERCGP) for 2016. As chair of the 34 member organization, Marsh will oversee all faucets off the Chamber of Commerce including new membership, sales, engagement and retention. She will continue to support the organization’s […]