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How to Expertly Stage Your Erie, PA Home for Sale

staged homeSo you recently decided to list your Erie, PA home on the market. Congratulations! This is sure to be an exciting time for you and your family as you plan your next steps.

But first, you will more than likely want to make sure you have sold your current home before you start looking for your next home.

To that end, we would like to share with you some expert tips on how to stage your home the right way.

After all, staged homes not only appear larger and cleaner but they also tend to sell quicker and for more money.

So Without Further Ado….

Here are some valuable tips on how to stage your home like a professional:

On the Outside

  • Use seasonal decorations sparingly but do make sure you use them. The goal is the help buyers envision calling your home, their home.
  • Consider setting up an all-weather chair on the front porch where visitors can gather to discuss your home.
  • Replace your front door knocker if it is worn and weathered.
  • Ensure that sidewalks are free of clutter, debris, toys and yard gear.
  • Make sure your gardens are well-maintained and that the lawn is mowed.

In the Kitchen

  • Don’t dangle potholders from the oven handle but instead, keep them in the drawers.
  • Pack away rarely used appliances, tools and pans to clear away kitchen space.
  • Pack away rarely used stables and such items as unusual spices for the same reason.
  • Remove any evidence of problems you’ve had in the past, such as ant powder, from closets

In the Bathrooms

  • Pack or throw away all but three changes of linen, which will help your closets seem more spacious
  • Find a temporary home for jewelry and perfume as well as rarely used toiletries.
  • Remove any evidence of mothballs

Clean and repair grout

  • In the Bedrooms
  • Pack away out-of-season clothes to help your closets feel bigger
  • Thoroughly vacuum and sweep your rooms
  • Set out only a few family photos to help depersonalize the home and help the buyer envision living there themselves

Throughout the Home

  • Give all of your closets and built-in drawers a thorough wipe down
  • Clean the windows to let maximum sunlight in
  • Thorough vacuum the floors and even consider steam cleaning them.

How Else Can We Make Your Erie Home Sale a Success?

For more practical tips on what you can do to help your home leave the best impression on buyers, please contact us at Marsha Marsh real estate services.

We will work diligently to ensure that you are able to enjoy a successful outcome as a Erie, PA area home seller!

Until next time,


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