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What Can I Do to Make My Home Sell Faster?

Marsha Marsh Real Estate Sold HomeClients often ask me when listing their Erie area home, “What can I do to make my home sell faster?” I usually tell them that there are a few things that can make your home stand out from the rest when selling, because ultimately, the goal is to get clients in the door and create that “I have to have it” moment.

Let’s focus on the things that can be enhanced during the selling process to protect your largest investment- your home.

Tip #1- Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Home landscapingGiving buyers the peace of mind that your home looks great on the outside gives them one less thing to contemplate when thinking about purchasing your home. You can’t change the location, lot size, or neighborhood, so start by making your home a showpiece on the outside.

Trim bushes, mulch, plant some inexpensive flowers and shrubs, and mow and bag your lawn.

Aside from the landscaping, paint or repair siding that is chipped or missing, handrails, window trim or painted steps. You will ultimately have to do this anyway if the buyer is purchasing your home with an FHA loan, so cross a few things off your list before your house goes on the market.

Paint your front door a color that coordinates with your siding and shutters. Choosing the correct paint color or tone can be difficult. If you go to your local paint store, they have professionals and many samples you can try to assist you with this process. Looking online at different photos of exteriors will also help. And remember, it’s just paint! If you make a mistake it is easily remedied.

Tip #2- The Inexpensive Kitchen and Bath Updates

Updated Erie Kitchen Marsha Marsh Real EstateThere are many things that a homeowner can do to bring their kitchen or bathroom into this decade. Because the kitchen is the most expensive room in your home to update, you do not have to do everything before putting your home on the market. A few simple changes will go a long way.

Painting cabinets can be a little more time consuming, but will freshen up the look, and is inexpensive. Not all cabinets need to be painted, and sometimes just changing out hardware gives a nice update to dated cabinetry in the kitchen or bathroom.

Other simple repairs could be a new faucets, a new light fixture, flooring, or counter tops. It’s smart to talk to your realtor before making any changes. As the seller, you do not want to over improve and not get a return on your investment.

Tip #3- Declutter, Clean, and Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Clean your home to sell Marsha MarshBuyers are going to look everywhere during a showing. They open up the closets, look at your family photos, look in the refrigerator, and sometimes will sit on your furniture (Yes they do!) to picture themselves living there.

Making sure your spaces are decluttered and cleaned will ultimately give you peace of mind when you get that last minute showing, and impress potential buyers. If the buyer feels your belongings fit in the home, then they feel theirs will also. This is a great time to start packing for the sale, and your move to your new home. Removing unnecessary furniture will also make your space feel larger to potential buyers.

Tip #4- Update Your Decor and Lighting

Marsha Marsh Real Estate Home TipsBuying new pillows, window treatments and bedding can update your space immediately for a low cost. Updating pillows on your couches and adding a throw, or a new rug can also improve the look of your space.

Adding lighting with new table lamps, or a new fixture to the room will help sell homes that lack natural lighting. Make sure your lamps and lighting fixtures are on during the showing for a better presentation.

Tip #5- Paint

Marsha Marsh Real Estate TipsPaint is one of the cheapest ways to update and change a room in your home. Whether it be the walls or cabinets, that old paneling in the family room, or the old retro tile on the walls in the bathroom, you can always paint it! Paint over those tired colors and choose a pallet that would appeal to the masses, not just your personal taste. Mix it up, coordinate colors, and choose popular colors that are recommended by professionals.

Need More Advice? Ask Us!

Remember, some people see a home for what it is, not what it could be. Sometimes sellers have to create that for the buyer. Talk with your realtor about changes that you want to make before doing them. They will guide you to make smart choices that will enhance your home and curb appeal. With some of these helpful tips your home will stand out from the rest, show well, and lead to a quicker sale!

Erie PA real estate agentWritten by Maria Gartrell REALTOR®

Maria is a fresh new face in the Erie real estate market and as a licensed REALTOR®, she is eager to share her creative ideas and talents with new clients. She is knowledgeable in construction and remodeling which is particularly helpful for clients looking at homes that just need a little TLC. She is also masterful at interior design, staging homes and making all the right adjustments to enhance curb appeal.

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