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5 Easy Tips to Winterize Your Home

mitten hands holding a snowballYou’ve already pulled out the heavy jackets and long pants to get ready for the colder days ahead, but is your home ready for winter?

The colder months are quickly approaching, and you want to make sure that your home stays warm and inviting when the below-freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls set in.

How to Prepare Your Erie Home for Winter

We have compiled a short list of cost-effective ways to prepare your home for the winter. Not only can these five tips help you keep the warm air in, they can also help save you money on your energy bills.

1. Fix Any Leaks in Windows and Walls

No one likes a frigid draft in a warm home. This winter, fix any leaks in your windows and gaps in your walls by sealing them with caulk, or try covering your windows with clear plastic insulation film.

These few areas are usually susceptible to leaks, and should be checked first:

  • outside doors
  • window trim
  • wood window frames
  • bathtubs and showers

If there are drafts coming from under your doors, seal out the cold air and keep in the warm air with a draft guard. You can either make one yourself with foam and fabric or buy one at the store. Or, take the extra step and install storm windows and storm doors.

2. Insulate the Pipes

Protect the water lines that run through your house — keep them insulated with foam rubber or foil insulation. Not only can this keep your pipes from freezing, it can keep in the warmth and save you money on hot water.

3. Mind Your Thermostat

Your instinct during the winter might be to turn the thermostat as high as it may go, but that’s not the most effective way to save money on your energy bills. Try these tips so you won’t be tempted to turn up the heat:

  • Turn on the fireplace
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Wear wool socks and thick sweaters
  • Cover up with extra blankets
  • Buy an electric blanket

As Shanna Koval, REALTOR® wrote in “5 Easy Ways to Save Big on Energy Costs,” an electric blanket is a worthy investment.

4. Replace the Furnace Filter

Changing the filters in your heating system can keep your furnace running efficiently while easing the costs to your energy bill.

5. Replace Shingles on Your Roof

Snow and rain can cause all sorts of problems, including damage from hail, high winds, and ice dams that can cause water to leak into your home.

Before winter sets in, make sure you replace any worn or missing shingles on your roof, and take the extra step to trim overhead branches to prevent them from falling on your roof during winter storms.

Preparing Your Erie Home to Sell This Winter?

Are you putting your home on the market or thinking of selling your property earlier next year? These winterizing tips can not only save you headaches as a homeowner, they can help you prevent bumps in the road as you’re staging your home and getting your house inspected.

We can help guide you through the selling process from listing to closing, and everything in between, with our comprehensive resources and local expertise. Contact us today and we can talk about your plans to sell your property.

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