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Initials are personal!


By now we’ve all heard to depersonalize your home by taking down family photos for example. But what about the ever so popular wood or metal initials we all have come to love?

They come in all different sizes and some people use one letter, two letters or spell out a whole name. I have seen numbers being used to show special dates as well. These letters and numbers are all to personal! Your potential buyer is not going to feel “at home” when they walk in and see a big M&J when it should say for them E&C! You may think it’s OK in a kids room. No way!

When the buyer walks in and thinks this would be little Mason’s room but it clearly states this is Jordan’s room they won’t be able to imagine themselves there. Try and think of any initials or dates you have hanging around. Don’t forget that personalized monogrammed welcome mat either! Let’s just say welcome! If you make your buyer realize what a great home you really have, you’ll be laying out your monogrammed welcome mat to your new dream home in no time!

Written by Monica Pitzer, REALTOR®

Monica is a licensed REALTOR® and is honored to be part of the Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services team of agents. She is looking forward to new experiences and building fresh and strong relationships. As an Erie native, Monica is anxious to share her knowledge of the Erie area housing market with future clients. She is also excited to expand her offerings to include residential investment and new construction opportunities.


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