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What to do if you are thinking about a move


Talk to your favorite REALTOR® early. Get the best advice about how to prepare your home for the market, so that you get the best price and sell it in YOUR time frame. Homes that sell fast with competing offers are the ones that are priced right when they come on the market and are clean, well decorated and maintained.  It doesn’t work nearly as well to start high and then reduce the price later. If you think some updates may be needed, get some advice before you spend a lot of money. Your REALTOR® will know which improvements bring the best return or help your home sell quicker.

  1. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. People who look at your home may want to buy it if they can picture living there. Help them to “mentally move in” by having less personal stuff around the house. When my family moved a few years ago, we rented a storage unit and moved things out. That was a big help. We were going to have to pack it anyway, might as well do it earlier. Let me know if you need our “Prepare and Stage Your Home” flyer.
  2. Checks and balances. You will want to know for sure what the balances are on any loans you might have. Some homeowners forget that a loan they got in the past used their home as collateral. Those loans are liens on the property and must be paid off when it is sold.
  3. Ask your REALTOR® about your local market. What is your competition? How long do homes in your neighborhood take to sell? What price have other homes sold for? Which amenities or improvements will make the most difference to the buyers that will view and consider your home?


Connect with your REALTOR® early in the process. You need to prepare for a mortgage with a fair amount of documentation. Get that list from your lender early so you can be ready. Also, start viewing homes by email and online, so you can learn the market and feel more ready when you are set to start your actual search.

  1. Get pre-approved with a reputable LOCAL lender. And do it way earlier than you think you need to. It is surprising how many people find mistakes in their credit history and those take a while to correct. Your REALTOR® will have names of some good lenders that you trust.
  2. Leave enough time. Mortgage processes are longer than before. Most lenders want 45 to 60 days to get your loan closed. Maybe you will find just the right house quickly or maybe it will take a while.
  3. Needs and Wants: Decide which features are “must haves” and which features are on your “wish list”. You probably won’t get EVERYTHING you want but if you prioritize early, deciding between the top contenders will be easier.

All in all, 2015 is shaping up to be a great time to move. An improving economy, reasonable home prices and low interest rates all point to an improving housing market. If you have been putting off a move, this could be the year!

I hope you have enjoyed my tips and resources. If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, I would be more than happy to set a free, no obligation consultation with you at my office at 8840 Peach Street. Email me at, like my Fan Page for more real estate tips, or give me a call at 814.881.0580 or at my office at 814.866.8840.

Please feel free to pass this along to your friends are family who might be thinking about a move.

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