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Serious Buyers and Sellers Act Now

Marsh Madness Open HousesWinter months might not seem like the best time to be buying or selling a house — there’s less curb appeal, the weather is cold and dreary… who’s buying or selling a home at this time of year?

Serious buyers and sellers, that’s who.

Why Sell Now Instead of Waiting

1. Buyers Shop Anytime from Anywhere

Times are changing. Gone are the days when homes could only be viewed on bright sunshiney days of lush spring lawns and landscaped gardens. Why the change? It’s called technology, and it means that buyers are now able to view homes 24/7/365… regardless of the weather, the time of day, or the season. So use a bright, sunshiney photo of your home and let the home buyers shop online at their leisure. As one of our agents, Susan Dey said, “List your home in January, and you will have a captive audience.”

2. Financial Changes on the Horizon

The winter months bring about many financial changes that cause many families to rethink renting and reconsider buying a home. From inheritances and taxes, to work bonuses, winter means a time to reflect on how much money is spent renting a home — when it could be put towards owning a home. This brings many new home buyers to the market come January and February.

3. Less Competition

There are fewer homes on the market in the winter. Most people would rather wait for nice weather and that beautiful curb appeal, regardless of the fact that most home shoppers understand that homes don’t look as flashy in winter as they do in summer. This means there’s much less competition between sellers, and that buyers are typically more serious about closing a sale.

Why Buy Now Instead of Waiting

1. Less competition

There are fewer buyers looking, which, as REALTOR® Linda Foll Johnson notes, means that the chances of having a competing offer on that home you love is much lower than in the spring. This means you’re more likely to find the home you want at the price you want. It also means that sellers are more motivated and more likely to close quickly.

2. See Homes & Neighborhoods at their Worstwinter in Erie PA cabin fever

It’s reverse curb appeal, and it’s practical. It might be more exciting to see a yard beautifully landscaped and bedecked in all its spring colors, but wouldn’t you rather know how the furnace and plumbing will hold up during a hard freeze? Plus, you can check out the neighborhood and see if the streets are salted and plowed, and how the neighbors maintain their homes and yards in the off-season. This way, if you do notice any problems with a home, you can negotiate repairs before you close.

3. A More Personalized Experience

Being one of only a few buyers has appeal beyond just reduced competition — the entire real estate experience will be more personalized and pleasant as your REALTOR® will have more free time to devote to YOU. Linda Foll Johnson says that she enjoys working with clients during the winter months, as they are typically much more serious buyers and sellers, and she has more time to devote to each client.

Are You a Serious Buyer or Seller?

If you’re serious about buying or selling a home in the Erie area, it’s time to give us a call! We would love to help you search for your dream home, or list your current Erie home. Learn more about the service we offer, or contact us today!

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