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Sell Your Home for More Money with Curb Appeal

First impressions are

From cracks in the driveway to unkempt lawn to hanging shutters, there are many factors that can deter potential home buyers—before they even set foot within a house. This means that making sure the outside of your home is in top-top shape before you list or take any pictures can play a huge factor both in the final price at which your home sells, and the amount of time your home sits on the market.

Hook Those Online Shoppers

The modern retail market is vastly different than the market even a few years ago, with more and more buyers searching and shopping online before they so much as consider a home. What does this mean for sellers? It means that professional and stunning photos have never been more important. There’s no better way to peak an online buyer’s interest than with truly stunning photos. Set your first photo as a sharp exterior shot—showcasing a beautiful yard, fresh paint, and well-maintained roof—and your buyer just might decide they need to see this home for themselves.

Bring Curbside Admirers Inside

Estate Agent Showing Prospective Female Buyer Around Property

Home buyers make judgements based off the exterior of a home, sometimes even driving by a home before they schedule a showing, says a survey conducted by Zillow. This means that a home can be dismissed based on its exterior appearance before you even get a chance to show a clean, beautiful, and professionally-staged interior. Spice up your curb appeal, and your home won’t be dismissed before it even has a chance to shine.

Sell Your Home for More Money

So, just how much does a smart appearance actually affect the price of your home? According to a study by Texas Tech University, good landscaping alone can add 10-12% value to your home. Other factors that affect the final selling price of your home include the condition of the roof, the overall appearance and upkeep of your home, and even tree cover, with the addition of just one tree adding as much as 2% to the value of a home. A study by the National Association of Home Builders states that the exterior appearance of a home is a primary factor to 65% of all home buyers.

Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money With Curbside Appeal

Get buyers to your home, impress them, and reap the greatest return on your investment with a little curbside appeal.

Another great way to get the most money for your home in the least amount of time is to work with a professional and experienced Realtor. Contact our team of professional real estate advisors to learn more about listing your home with Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services and the home seller services we offer.

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