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Now is the Time to Sell Your Erie County Home!

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! And that means more than just warm weather, blooming flowers, and green lawns and leaves. For home sellers, that means it’s time to put your home on the market and prepare to sell!


Why List in the Spring or Summer?bluebell

Spring and summer are statistically shown to be the most profitable times to list a home, simply because there are more active buyers during these months than any other time of year. Warmer weather draws out buyers to open houses and tours, whereas in wintertime, more passive buyers—those considering buying in the future—may be casually browsing homes online from the comfort of their firesides, but won’t necessarily venture out for a tour.

Other Reasons Buyers Choose Spring and Summer

It’s not just the warm weather that draws out buyers. The timing also aligns with holidays and school vacations—the family-oriented winter holidays are over, those who depart on winter or early spring retreats have returned, and school has ended for the season, making a summertime move less stressful for those with school-aged children.

Spring and Summer are the Most Profitable Times to Sell

modern-dining-roomMore buyers means more interest, more competition, and ultimately, more money! It does mean there might also be a higher number non-serious buyers browsing open houses, but the more people that attend an open house, the more serious the competition will appear to buyers, and they may reciprocate with higher offerings.

Don’t Forget to Stage!

Just because there are more buyers, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still competition between sellers. Because it’s such a good time to list a home, there are more sellers during this time than any other time as well. So before you list, take the time to make sure you home really stands out! Get some low-cost tips for staging your home to really impress your buyers here.

Need a Realtor? Look No Farther.

If you’re considering listing your Erie County home, we want to help! We can help you learn more about the process of selling a home and even provide a complimentary sellers guide to help you get started pricing your home. Contact Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services today and let’s talk.

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