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Marsha Marsh: The Importance & Impact of Community Involvement in Erie PA

Marsha-Marsh-Erie-Pa-Real-Estate_30Erie is more than just a location for our business. Erie is our home. And as such, we at Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services are more than just a business within the community—we are active community members dedicated to giving back and supporting our fellow community members, neighbors, and the community as a whole.

Community Service is the Backbone of a Thriving Community

Community service starts with the smallest gestures. Enriching the life of just one person can have a domino effect—one helping hand encourages another and another and another until many lives have been enriched, and the community as a whole sees the benefits of what started as a small gesture.

As a family business of Erie, we understand the importance—from both a business and a community standpoint—of focusing not just on making money and closing deals, but of welcoming new residents to our community, residents who will in turn give back to the community through their time, their involvement, and even their spending within the city.

Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services Gets Involved in the Community

1 United Way 2016Just as community service is the backbone of a thriving community, it is also the backbone of a thriving business, and no one understands this better than Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services. We as a family and a business are actively involved in the community. We serve on several boards, such as United Way, Corry Memorial Hospital, and the Erie City Mission, and we are constantly looking for ways to give back to our community through our finances or our services.

The Marsh family supports a family every Christmas. We work with our local schools to provide assistance to the poor or needy. We work with an empty-arms group through the hospital to give emotional support to those who’ve lost children. We even host golf tournaments to raise money for local causes.

How We Choose Our Charities

Marsha-Marsh-Erie-Pa-Real-Estate_32There are so many charities, locally and nationally, that support outstanding causes and offer a wide variety of assistance to those in need. At Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services, we choose our charities carefully, focusing largely on those communities most directly involved in our local community, and those most desperately in need of our time, finances, and overall support. One such organization that always needs aid is the Erie City Mission, which services the men, women, and children of our community through a variety of assistive programs, donations, and services.

Getting Others Involved: Making Charity a Family Affair

HFH_Logo_No_Tag_rev1The more people we can get involved in charity, the more people we can help! That’s why the Marsh family believes in full-family involvement. We try to bring our whole family to charity events, such as food drives, working at the food pantry, or spending time at the City Mission. Four kids and 11 grandkids can lend a lot of helping hands! Additionally, many agents of Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services are deeply involved in their own personal charities and charity events. Many of our Realtors are even part of the Homes for Heroes program.

The Heart of Our Erie Real Estate Business is Our People

The real estate business is about so much more than the numbers or even the houses. People are our business, and that’s why we are here to serve you. Contact us and ask us anything you need to know—about life in Erie, PA, about buying a home in Northwestern Pennsylvania, about finding your dream home, or anything else you’d like to know about real estate, Erie County, or the community of Northwestern PA.

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