Here’s Why You Should List Your Home in Winter—And How to Sell It Effectively

Thinking of listing your home this winter, but feeling daunted by the cold weather and shorter days?selling a home in winter in erie Fortunately, you’re not out of luck—studies by brokerage Redfin show that listing during the winter can actually be very successful, says Realtor Magazine.

The Statistics of Winter Selling Success

The study by Redfin shows that winter listings (those between December and March) are 9% more likely to sell, sell 1 week faster, and sell for 1.2% more than other months. February is actually the best month to sell, according to historic sales, with 66% of homes listed selling within 90 days. Additionally, 60% of Realtors said that they would advise sellers to list their home in winter.

Why Homes Sell in Winter

There’s a reason for these numbers. During the winter months, the market is quieter. Fewer sellers meanssuccessful winter home sellingless inventory for buyers to choose from, which means less competition for homes. Fewer sellers does tend to mean fewer buyers—but those that venture out during the winter months and holidays are motivated, serious buyers looking to quickly close a deal.

How to Sell Your Home in Winter

Selling during the winter isn’t the same as selling in the spring or summer. You don’t have the cheery green leaves, bursting flower blooms, or beautiful weather to usher buyers out from hiding and in through your front door. You might also have buyers that know what prices should be, are especially interested in heating and insulation systems, and are looking closely at online photos before venturing out for an in-person showing.

Price Carefully

beautiful winter snowy homeDon’t price too low and expect to start a bidding war. There won’t be enough buyers for that. And don’t price to high and make your home unappealing. Pricing at market value is typically safest.

Double Check Your Heating Systems

It’s especially important to ensure that your heating and insulation systems are in good working order, as buyers will definitely not want to move into a cold home in the dead of winter. Get your furnace and roof inspected, change your air filters, weather-strip around windows and doors, and even consider improving the insulation in your attic or installing new windows.

Stage to Bring Comfort

Welcome your buyers into a clean, comfortable, and cheery winter home. beautifully staged winter homeMake sure you walkway and driveway are clear, safe, and easily accessible, as well as well-lit. Keep holiday decor simple and tasteful. Add light, especially as the days quickly get shorter. And keep it cozy by turning up the thermostat a degree or lighting a fire in the fireplace.

Ready to Successfully Sell Your Erie County Home in Winter?

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