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Holiday Real Estate Part 2: Tips for Selling a Home During the Holidays

Considering selling a home in Erie, PA but not sure if you should wait until after the holidays have passed to list your home? Stop thinking and start doing! There are many reasons the holidays are actually a good time to sell a home. Here are some pro tips to getting your home sold for top dollar during the holiday season.

How to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

1. Get Festive

decorate for a little holiday cheer when selling a home during the holidaysYes, this is an invitation to give your home a little holiday cheer, so long as you’re careful not to go overboard! Try to keep it religion-neutral, and steer clear of tacky or (sorry kids) homemade. Make sure your decor matches your current color schemes, and use accent pieces to highlight your home’s best features. Beware of things like large trees or excess decorations that can make rooms feel smaller or cramped.

2. But Stage First

stage your home before decorating when selling a home during the holidaysBefore you add more decor and clutter to your home, make sure you start with a clean palette. That means cleaning, removing clutter, rearranging furniture, painting or removing other decor if you need to… then adding decorations.

3. Make Sure Online Photos Shine

use good online photos when selling a home during the holidaysSince the weather outside might be a little less than desirable, many buyers are making their online home searches a more critical before they venture out. So make sure you photos really sell your home. It pays to have a professional stage and photograph your home. Creating a video tour also isn’t a bad way to show off to buyers.

4. Host a Party

invite friends and family over when selling a home during the holidaysInvite friends, family, and even coworkers into your home so you can show it off. Chances are, a few of them know someone who’s buying a home, and they can spread the word.

5. Prep for the Weather

light a fire in the fireplace when selling a home during the holidaysWinter weather is an opportunity to make your home a welcoming haven from the cold. Make sure your walkways and driveways are clear of snow and ice, and don’t be stingy with the thermostat. If you’ve got a fireplace, light a fire to really bring in a sense of coziness.

6. Enlist the Help of Holiday Smells

bake cookies when selling a home during the holidaysImagine walking into a home that smells of baking cookies… how would that change your home-shopping experience? Don’t have time for baking? Light a holiday-scented candle, put a pot of cider on the stove, or even microwave a little vanilla and cinnamon.

7. Be a Host

welcoming guests with beverages when selling a home during the holidaysWelcome your guests with refreshments, like cider or fresh cookies. Buyers who make the trek out in the cold and snow should be rewarded for their efforts!

8. Price to Sell

price your home to sell when selling a home during the holidaysDon’t try and make a quick dollar by pricing your home too high. Work with your agent to determine a price that’s competitive, comfortable for you, and will appeal to buyers.

9. Work with a Great Realtor

choose a great and responsive local realtor when selling a home during the holidaysOne of the most important things you can do when selling a home during the holidays is to find a great agent. You want someone who’s going to put in the work and remain responsive and helpful, even when the holidays roll around. They need to be local experts who know the market and can accurately price your home, and they need to have an extensive network and marketing reach so they can find qualified and motivated holiday home shoppers.

List Your Erie PA Home Today!

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