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The Flavors of Erie: The Best Restaurants to Try around the City

Chain restaurants and fast food places, locally owned eateries and decades-old institutions—Erie is full of diverse dining options, with flavors for every taste palate. Plus, there are always new restaurants and big renovations popping up every year.

So what are you looking for? A greasy burger? Fresh sushi? Handmade pasta? Take a look at our top dining picks around Erie, and find every flavor you’re looking for!

Pineapple Eddie Southern Bistro


You probably wouldn’t guess that you’d find a restaurant in Erie that specializes in Southern cuisine and Caribbean flavors…but that’s what Pineapple Eddie is all about. A local institution that emphasizes hospitality through their cooking, Pineapple Eddie consistently ranks as one of the best restaurants in the city.

Browse the menu, and you’ll find dishes like crabmeat hushpuppies, steak po’boy, creole spiced shrimp, and catfish tenders.

Mi Scuzi


After traveling through Southern Italy, owners Michael and Catherine Farsace were inspired to bring a taste of that cuisine back to Erie, and Mi Scuzi was born. The restaurant has won the Award of Excellence from TripAdvisor for four years and has established quite the following in town.

On the menu, you can expect all things Italian food, from pasta to zuppa to pizzette. We recommend trying the house-made garlic knots, the mouthwatering garlic wine broth linguini, and their house-made Italian sweet sausage.

1201 Kitchen

Sushi rolls and caviar.

Latin/Asian fusion flavors, a fresh seasonal menu, an extensive wine, craft beer, and cocktail menu—all in the heart of Downtown Erie. 1201 Kitchen is an upscale restaurant that specializes in fresh sushi, but also offers some outstanding main dishes like grilled quail, short rib ramen, and kobe beef with wasabi.

As far as sushi goes, you’ll find classic rolls like spicy tuna, and as well as more adventurous options like soft shell crab with sweet chili sauce and grilled scallop with Fuji apple.

Lawrence Park Dinor

The Lawrence Park Dinor.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Place, the Lawrence Park Dinor has been an Erie institution since 1948—and not much about it has changed since then. The building maintains its iconic 1950s diner feel, with a colorful bar, stools, and old-timey decor.

But the menu is where Lawrence Park sets itself apart from a typical diner. While you’ll still find regular options like fresh bagels, french toast, and eggs and hash browns, the restaurant also emphasizes Greek flavors, with dishes like the Greek omelette, gyros, and the Greek hamburger.

Find Your Home in Erie

There are tons of five-star restaurants and beloved institutions in Erie, and this list is just the beginning. The best way to explore them all? Make the move to Erie!

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