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Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Home Buying

Are you on the hunt for your next house? Virtual home buying has never been easier, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find the perfect place online.

Your Guide to Virtual House Hunting

COVID-19 has forced the real estate industry to start virtually buying and selling homes, and there are a lot of new resources that can make the process easier than ever before. Now, you can find out anything you need to know about a home, and oftentimes take virtual tours, without having to go anywhere in-person. Here is a step-by-step guide to virtual house hunting.

Step 1: Find a Realtor

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Just because you can find the perfect home online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still find a Realtor to help you along the way. A local Realtor gets access to new home information quicker and will be able to show you properties that aren’t listed on the market yet, which will help your virtual house hunt.

Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services is here for all of your real estate needs in the Northwest PA and Western NY areas. We make finding your next home easier with our customized home alerts and friendly team.

Step 2: Scan Through Listed Homes

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Look at the listings available on your Realtor’s website. You can find out everything you need to know about most homes on the web, and many homes have virtual tours available on demand.

Not sure where to start? We have a property search tool with plenty of helpful search filters, such as school districts and even neighborhoods. You can also favorite homes you’d like to keep an eye on, and our mobile app makes your virtual house hunt easier than ever!

Step 3: Request a Virtual Tour

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If the home you’re interested in doesn’t have a virtual tour, then get in touch with your Realtor. They should be able to schedule a remote showing via video chat, and it might be possible to get a virtual tour from the seller.

A virtual tour gives you a better view of the home than pictures can, and you and your Realtor will be able to maintain social distance. It’ll also help you narrow down your options and, if you’re ready, make a decision on buying a home!

Ready to Start Your Virtual Home Buying Journey?

Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services is here to help you find your next home, and we have plenty of resources for buyers just like you! Whenever you’re ready to take your next steps, feel free to contact us.

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