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9 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever in Erie, PA

How To Beat The Winter Blues

winter in Erie PA cabin feverIs it just me, or does it feel like the cold and snow is never going to end this year?  The winter cold in Erie and Pennsylvania can extend all the way from November to March, and it’s definitely testing its boundaries this year.

Although it is not a formal psychiatric diagnosis, Cabin Fever is definitely real. Being cooped up for too long can cause irritability, lethargy, and even minor depression. And if the kids are home from school, I’m sure you’re all going stir crazy. Beat the winter blues with these fun winter activities.

What To Do When You’re Stuck In The House

  1. Call someone you haven’t heard from in a while. It’ll warm your heart, and theirs.
  2. Round up the troops for a round of board games, puzzle-solving, or to build a fort – a classic that kids of all ages will enjoy.
  3. DIY. If you’re like me, you have hundreds of pins on Pinterest that you haven’t had time to complete. What better time than now?cook in your upgraded kitchen in Erie PA
  4. Try a new recipe. If you’re stuck in the house, My Fridge Food will show you what you can make with what you already have.
  5. Learn something new! Coursera, edX and Open Culture are just a few of many options for free online courses from top universities. Even Harvard and MIT offer an open learning initiative.
  6. Curl up with a good book. There’s no better way to beat the cold than to lose yourself in a great novel.
  7. Organize your closet. While you’re stuck in the house, you might as well mark a few things off your to-do list. But make it fun! Discover outfits you forgot you had, and put on a fashion show.
  8. Have an Olaf-building competition. The popular, cheerful snowman from Disney’s Frozen is sure to brighten anyone’s mood, and a little friendly competition is just what you need on a dreary day.
  9. Sign up for Marsh Madness! Earn prizes and support local nonprofits during this fun open house tournament.

Just be sure to avoid binge eating, Netflix binges, and sleeping too much. It’s definitely tempting, but you’ll find yourself feeling even more sluggish and irritable if you give in.

Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Dream House

Custom Kitchen in Erie PABeing stuck inside isn’t bad at all when you’re living in the house of your dreams! Imagine how much better winter in Erie could be if you had a fireplace, or a larger family room for fun indoor activities. Cooking can be such a joy in an upgraded kitchen!

Let us help you find the perfect house to suit your needs. If we can help you in the home buying or selling process in any way, be sure to contact us today.

Stay safe and warm!


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