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Why You Should Always Host and Attend Winter Open Houses

Hosting an Open House in the Winter? Really?

Marsha Marsh Open HousesAren’t most people more interested in staying at home watching the game, rather than braving the elements to come to an open house? Could be. But you’d be surprised at the amount of buyers who are out seeking their dream home – even in the dead of winter. More often than not, the individuals that make the effort to come to an open house are the most motivated buyers. They made the trip out in the snow and cold, right?

You should not stop marketing your home just because it’s winter. Some might say that selling a home in the winter is more advantageous because of limited seller competition. Others might argue, in opposition, that there might be less competition, but there are also fewer buyers. Whichever side of the argument you choose, if you don’t have an open house you can be certain  of one thing – NO ONE will show. And if you do, those that come buy, well, they’ll be much more interested in purchasing than usual.

We’re Buying a Home. Should We Go Out In the Cold?!

Technology is fantastic. At no other point in human history have we been able to view, experience, communicate, learn, and be entertained as quickly and as easily as we are now.  With just the click of a mouse, or flick of a finger, you can be transported to anywhere. Even to a lovely “4 bedroom, 4.1 bath, 3,500 square foot masterpiece” home just a few miles from you. You’ll have the opportunity to view many pictures and often review videos of homes. Technology has brought to you – in seconds – an amazing array of information about this idyllic, modern, and luxurious dream home.

Visit Open House Stay Warm With A Fireplace In Your New HomeBut something’s missing. A part of the experience is completely lost when viewing a home through the glass of a monitor or tablet. No, the only way to truly experience a home is to be there in person. To drive through neighborhoods in Millcreek, experiencing the sensation of ‘coming home’ and pulling into the driveway. To walk through the front door for the first time. You take in each room. Get a sense of the kitchen & peek into the oven – just to see how large it is (it’s okay, we all look). To see the view from each window. Peer out the backdoor, subconsciously checking on the kids as they play.

Yes. WE HAVE TO GO. No matter how convenient the internet is… it will never be the same as being there. And even though it is winter, aren’t you planning on living in your new home in the winter as well? Why not get a chance to see it in action. Feel how warm the furnace is.  How this home protects your family from the winter winds. How cozy it is. Nothing is a substitute for using all 5 senses – and if you’re a person that knows “this is the right home for me” – maybe even a 6th sense.

This is Madness, I Tell You!  

Marsh Madness Open HousesMaybe you’re not convinced. Why not give Marsha Marsh Real Estate a chance to explain further. Our team of REALTORS® have decades of combined experience selling houses, all year long. Open houses are a cornerstone (pun intended) of our business. We place a great deal of value in every person-t0-person connection we make and an open house is an excellent opportunity to make these connections for both home buyers and sellers.

Oh, and we are firm believers in hosting open houses in the winter. Hence, our annual Marsh Madness Open House Tournament!  You can register for this fun open house tournament at any open house sponsored by Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services. For five weekends, from February 28th through March 29th, we’re offering participants a chance to win fantastic prizes and an opportunity to donate to the Erie City Mission. See you there!

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