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3 Tips to Help Your Pup During Your Move


#1 – Stay Consistent and Pack Over a Period of Weeks

One of the best things you can do to help your pup adjust to a move is to pack your items slowly. Packing your boxes over the course of a few weeks helps your furry-friend get used to the change in their current surroundings gradually. During the packing period, attempt to keep your pet’s schedule consistent. Our pups are used to our routine, and they find comfort in our predictability.

#2 – Unpack Pup’s Items First

Your pup may be stressed from the drive and change of surroundings. Help ease their stress by unpacking their toys, bedding, and food/water bowls. Like us, familiar items bring comfort and sense of consistency to your pup’s emotions.

#3 – Update Records

Most importantly update your pup’s ID tags, vet records, and microchip with your new address.

Written by Shanna Koval, REALTOR®

Shanna is frequently tweeting about real estate opportunities and also posts current real estate listings and valuable information on her website ( as well as on her Facebook page.

While Shanna is interested and capable of handling any type of real estate transaction, her specialties include residential, first-time buyers and seller, as well as relocation.


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