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Relocation Can Be Tricky


In this blog, I will highlight two of the biggest stressors you may encounter as a relocator.

The typical relocator is someone who is relocating due to their employment. If this is you, you are in excellent hands! My past experience in recruiting professionals to Erie and assisting professionals, particularly, resident physicians, with their moving needs has allowed me to obtain an understanding of how stressful and exciting moving to a new city can be.

Stressor #1 – Do I Buy or Rent?

This can be a difficult question when you are either unsure of your relocation- employment duration, or the cost of living scale in your new city. The best way to have this question answered is to speak to the person who is hiring you, or is heading your branch relocation. Speaking to someone who lives in the city is priceless! When speaking to them, ask them if people typically buy or rent, and which areas of the city allow for the best commute to work. If you are looking at Erie, I tend to always suggest buying, not because I am a real estate agent, but because our cost of living is very affordable. Often times if you are looking to rent, but have an animal, it may be difficult to find an apartment to meet your pet’s needs without paying close to twice the cost of a mortgage. Everyone’s situation is different though, which is why I would encourage you to speak to a real estate agent, as well as your future co-workers.

Stressor #2 – Where can I view Erie information?

You are already in an amazing location –! But you can also checkout to ask any questions concerning Erie real estate! In addition to this blog, I recommend viewing, which is Erie’s online newspaper. They often will have event calendars, local articles to read, crime maps, and restaurant reviews that are free to read. Another up and coming site is the Erie Reader. They have wonderful articles on local events, interviews with touring celebrities, and they also focus on area politics.

I wish you all the luck in the world on your new adventure, and if there is anything I can do to help you on your journey, please feel free to contact me at

Written by Shanna Koval, REALTOR®

Shanna is frequently tweeting about real estate opportunities and also posts current real estate listings and valuable information on her website ( as well as on her Facebook page.

While Shanna is interested and capable of handling any type of real estate transaction, her specialties include residential, first-time buyers and seller, as well as relocation.


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